Monday, August 14, 2006


This might be a little off-subject, but lately I've been having thoughts about remembering the past and the process of remembrance. My (very short) life has thus far been divided into distinct chapters based upon geography. Over the past two weeks I've come into (virtual) communication with people from my past, and these interactions have left me feeling totally out of sorts.
The very idea of "distancting" onesself from prior events or people, figuratively or literally...
And the fears that do emerge when one realizes how much one has forgotten - about places and people and events that we were once so immediate and essential to the every day...
How we create "timelines" than move in a linear way, left to right, which imply cause and effect... what happens when we loop back and reimmerse ourselves in a prior chapter? Is this purely regression? Or can this still be a step "forward," so to speak?
I remember people the way I left them 5 years ago... things aren't the same, and many wouldn't remember me if I reappeared. However my memories of them are precious and perfect.
Memory as defense...


Blogger Maps said...

I don't think time moving in loops makes it a regression. No one can escape their past- it is you as you exist in the minds of others(which is a large part of our existence)-as irrelevant as it may seem to your embodied self..

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