Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Universal Bodies (& Language)

Alright, so really I just can't get enough of this blogging business (technology is so very exciting!). But I had one more thing that I've been thinking about recently that I wanted to just put out there. I've just been thinking about bodies and physical experience as a universal truth. We all live, and therefore we each have some sort of experience as a physical being (movement, pain, hunger, touch, etc). And I think one very interesting product of this universal experience is how our language has developed in a way that reflects that experience. So much of our vocabularly and our body of cultural phrases (body - hah!) rely on references to our physical selves that we only understand because of this common knowledge. We know where our various body parts are, we know what they do, we know what they mean because we all experience them every single moment of our existence. I just think that is kind of fascinating. Here's my five minute brainstorm of language references:

To have heart
An eye for an eye
A bird in the hand
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
At the heart of it
Put my foot in my mouth
Brain freeze
A body of work
The head/foot of the table
“Corp” rooted words (corporate, corporal, corpus, corporation...)
Male/female inanimate objects (boats, natural disasters, etc)

Just a thought....



Blogger Maps said...

Make no bones about it
To have two left feet
Sticky Fingers

All these phrases make visceral sense, even if they don't make logical sense. Like it or not we are embodied creatures (and often we don't seem to like it).

8:06 PM  
Blogger Maps said...

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